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Our offer includes storage ladders, freestanding ladders, stools and stairs. In addition, there are also resistance ladders, two-piece, three-piece and universal external ladders.

Ideal for renovation, construction and maintenance work, both internal and external, mobile scaffolding is a piece of equipment that should not only be used by specialized construction companies.

Safe and stable design

Laser processing, Wire bending, Metal forming, Punching, sheet metal bending, Sheet bending, Cutting with a band saw, CNC machining, Anodizing, Electrolytic galvanization, Powder coating, Welding

If you are looking for chairs and tables:  garden, restaurant, house, hotel,

Wykonanie specjalnych pomostów, platform, rusztowań, schodów, drabin dotyczące indywidualnych rozwiązań konstrukcyjnych ze strony klientów. Realizacje dla zamówień specjalnych.