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Specialist multifunctional ladders

Aluminium ladders

Our offer includes storage ladders, freestanding ladders, stools and stairs. In addition, there are also resistance ladders, two-piece, three-piece and universal external ladders. The use of solid reinforcements and the execution of the highest standards make you feel fully comfortable and professional with our accessories. Specialist multifunctional ladders, like other Drabex products, are products whose quality has been confirmed by certificates and attestations.

Aluminium storage ladders

Our aluminium ladders are designed for both domestic and industrial use, as well as for offices, warehouses and shops. We provide you with access to a very wide range of products at extremely favourable prices. Our aluminium ladders are lightweight and highly durable. Their aesthetic value is also important. Regardless of whether you are interested in a warehouse ladder or another model – we strongly encourage you to take a closer look at our range.

Professional aluminum ladder with one-sided entrance for use in the home, office, warehouse or shop.
Functional ladders for versatile and professional
Consisting of two elements with non-slip fully corrugated rungs
Consisting of three elements with non-slip fully corrugated rungs
Made of lightweight aluminium, the stools are very useful in many economic and industrial applications
The double-sided aluminium ladders made of light material